Meet Math Tutor Joe

Math Tutor Joe is Joseph J. D’Agostino, a resident of Doylestown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and former MENSA member.

bucks county math tutor teaches English, French, calculus, algebra, physics, biology, and more to Doylestown and area students!

“I break down the material into steps so the student can easily grasp the concepts.”

Math Tutor Joe holds a number of advanced degrees from local universities:

– MBA in Computer Science from Temple University
– BS in Accounting from Temple University
– Studies in Physics Electronics from LaSalle University
– Studies in Electrical Engineering (4 years) from Drexel University

– Pre-Med program (1 year) studies at Fordham University in New York City

Joe has years of teaching experience in Bucks and Mercer Counties. As former principal for a private school in Philadelphia, owner of a computer learning center school in Doylestown, and adjunct professor for graduate-level courses at Temple University in Philadelphia and Ambler, Joe uses his talents to help Bucks and Mercer County primary, secondary, high school, and college students excel in their coursework.

“By breaking the subject matter down to an elementary level, the student can grasp each smaller component and suddenly the material is no longer intimidating.”

Tutoring is done in Math Tutor Joe’s Doylestown home office; in some cases, Math Tutor Joe is available to travel to you.

Communication is Key

The best way to teach a student starts with great communication skills. Math Tutor Joe begins by assessing the current level of the student’s understanding. Once this has been determined, Joe then tailors his lesson to match the student’s needs, making sure he thoroughly covers the foundation of the coursework, rather than having the student memorize concepts that have no bearing on the real world.

Mastering the Material

The unique success of this Bucks County math tutor, Joseph D’Agostino’s teaching methods comes from his ability to relate the topic to real life. Many times, a teacher will unload information on students without putting it into any context. Math Tutor Joe puts it into perspective; the student understands why he or she is learning this material, and how it relates to his or her world. This truly helps the student to understand the material, rather than just memorize a bunch of facts or statistics, only to be later forgotten. Math Tutor Joe makes the material relevant while enhancing the student’s learning experience.

Contact Math Tutor Joe

For more information about Bucks County Math Tutor,(Joseph J. D’Agostino), or for general questions about tutoring in all areas of Math, Statistics, English, Latin, French, and Physics, please contact Math Tutor Joseph D’Agostino.